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Author: Vickie Nauman

Posted: 04.03.19

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On Wednesday March 13, 23 Capital’s Vickie Nauman will be speaking on a panel about the shifts in the music landscape. The panel is entitled “Music Industry 3.0 – The Great Rebalancing Begins” and includes Jeremy Gruber from Friends at Work, Lonny Olinick from AWAL/Kobalt, the discussions will be moderated by Gigi Johnson of UCLA Centre for Music Innovation.

The panel discussion was labelled “do not miss” by Music Ally and the panel will explore how the music industry has shifted from CDs and radio singles, to the early days of digital disruption, and now growth – but importantly the dynamics of today’s industry are heavy on artist led initiatives and new ways to release music, alternative revenue streams, and innovative sources of capital. 23 Capital fits neatly into the modern music industry and is enabling a wide range of music companies and individual creators’ access to financing solutions that meet the needs of today’s market.

Join us on Wednesday March 13 at 12:30pm for the panel and please get in touch to meet with the 23 Capital on the ground in Austin. At least you can try to catch us in between showcases and BBQs!

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