29.09.18 | Insights

US Initiative on Royalties hits the Right Note for Songwriters

By dragging royalty payments into the digital age, the US Music Modernization Act promises to give songwriters, composers, creatives and publishers more control over their work and more money in their pockets

10.09.18 | Insights

Innovative Financing Scores in a New Arena

Unlocking millions in funding for some of the world’s top football clubs has highlighted a way to monetise intangible assets in the music and entertainment sectors – areas in which traditional finance tends to struggle, says 23 Capital’s Jason Traub

16.08.18 | Insights

Defying Gravity from the Outset

23 Capital Co-founder Stephen Duval explains the thinking behind the company name

03.08.18 | Insights

Oiling the Wheels of Change

Specialist finance helps music industry sing a new tune

21.06.18 | Insights

How Streaming Data is Putting Artists and Managers in Control

Tour planning and release schedules are being transformed by greater availability of recorded-music consumption data – to the benefit of artists, promoters and labels

14.05.18 | Insights

Coexisting Music Ecosystems

This layered industry is so interconnected that one change can cause a huge ripple effect.