12.04.19 | Insights

Impact of the MMA

Vickie Nauman explains the immediate changes expected in the wake of the MMA.

22.01.19 | Insights

Vickie Nauman on new financing for the music industry

The inside track: how new financing is bolstering the music industry Ahead of her appearance on the Investment Landscape panel, 23 Capital consultant Vickie Nauman offers insight on changes in the music industry and the need for innovative financing

03.12.18 | Insights

Beyond the pitch: 23 Capital provides creative financing solution to OTRO digital fan club in ground breaking deal

The creation of a global digital fan club featuring Neymar, Beckham and Messi showcases 23 Capital’s strengths in developing and financing next-generation media platforms

12.10.18 | Insights

Breathing life into sports, music and entertainment funding

A new breed of specialist financiers is helping to unleash the true potential of artists, entertainers and sports teams with innovative financial solutions tailored to their needs

03.10.18 | Insights

23 Capital takes Innovative Financing to the US

23 Capital opens offices in Los Angeles and New York to build its presence in the US sports, music and entertainment sectors

29.09.18 | Insights

US Initiative on Royalties hits the Right Note for Songwriters

By dragging royalty payments into the digital age, the US Music Modernization Act promises to give songwriters, composers, creatives and publishers more control over their work and more money in their pockets