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12.10.18 | Insights

Breathing life into sports, music and entertainment funding

A new breed of specialist financiers is helping to unleash the true potential of artists, entertainers and sports teams with innovative financial solutions tailored to their needs

16.08.18 | Insights

Defying Gravity from the Outset

23 Capital Co-founder Stephen Duval explains the thinking behind the company name

14.06.18 | Events

Gender Equality Through Women's Cricket

The recently published Forbes list of the world's 100 richest sports stars does not include a single woman. It’s a shocking statistic that underlines the huge gap in rewards that men and women earn for achieving sporting success.

12.04.18 | Press

Real Madrid World of Football Experience

23 Capital has provided an innovative financing solution in partnership with iEC Exhibitions! to facilitate the launch of the Real Madrid World of Football Experience, which was announced today in Melbourne, Australia.