We work with disciplined creativity delivering capital and solutions within a well defined risk framework.

Our services

23 Capital is structured under two business arms: Capital and Solutions.


Providing financing against valuable & assessable ‘rights’.

We work with clients who drive robust, consistent revenue streams from the exploitation of tangible and/or intangible assets. Examples include broadcast rights, sponsorship and endorsement agreements, service agreements, transfer fees, player contracts, agency and management commissions, season tickets, copyright, publishing, master recordings and other royalty streams, licensing revenue, intellectual property and ticketed events.

Typical transaction sizes of between $5m to $50m, our capital has assisted our clients with revenue monetisation, buy-outs, acquisitions, wealth management, roll-ups, rights and contract negotiation, leverage, production and touring, player transfers, through to full business securitisation, as well as other needs.


Solutions are sophisticated deals structured for large, complex projects.

These deals typically require the support of our trusted network. In these instances, we are often able to use our balance sheet in addition to those of our partners, allowing clients to leverage the strength of our relationships that we have built over many years.

In addition to this we help clients identify opportunities to develop new product offerings and innovative financing mechanisms that leverage our entrepreneurial experience and network.