We empower stakeholders to achieve greatness, free from traditional compromises and restrictions.

Our story

At The Cusp Of A New Era

We launched 23 Capital in 2014, at the cusp of a new financial era in the sports, music & entertainment sectors. A time where industry and technological advances, such as digital streaming and competition for broadcasting rights, were providing organisations, brands and individuals new and lucrative opportunities to capitalise on their talent and IP.

A Historically Underserved Sector

But whilst these sectors were well positioned to leverage their talent, many lacked the access to institutional markets and the traditional financing needed to fund these commercial endeavors. And those willing to provide finance lacked the sector expertise to keep up with the fast changing landscape and complex financial demands required to meet their clients needs.

A Groundbreaking Proposition

23 Capital was built on the belief that these businesses should have access to a higher standard of specialist financing than that experienced by other sectors. We set out to fill this gap by leveraging our unique depth of knowledge to provide clients with a fairer, and more intelligent solution to capital that recognises the full value of their assets.